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Chocolate Nice Cream

Banana Ice Cream

What is banana nice cream?

Chocolate nice cream is a healthy alternative to conventional ice cream. The name nice cream is a fun play on words because it is better for your body to eat this version of ice cream. To make this dessert, blend frozen bananas until they become smooth and creamy, just like ice cream. This recipe is both dairy and sugar-free, so you can eat it without feeling guilty or weighed down. I have a huge sweet tooth and this definitely satisfies my cravings without giving me a stomach ache afterward.

Why add superfoods?

Cacao powder gives this nice cream its chocolate flavor, instead of the more commonly used cocoa powder. The two ingredients are similar and easily confused, but there is one big difference between the two. Cacao is not processed with heat, so it retains all of the antioxidants, unlike cocoa. Maca powder gives a mild and slightly nutty flavor. Maca balances hormones and also boosts energy.

This January I am trying to add more superfoods to my diet. This recipe is the perfect solution! After you have both superfoods on hand, I guarantee you’ll find lots of other creative and fun ways to use them. You can add both of them to smoothies, hot chocolate, protein balls, and anything else that your sweet tooth desires.

Another aspect I am trying to focus on in 2018 is my creative expression. For the past two years, I have let photography and recipe development take the back seat (or…no seat at all). It has made me feel very uninspired and unfulfilled, and I’m ready to change that! I recently asked Sarah if she could help me make a recipe video to post on YouTube. Both of us have little-to-no experience with video, so making a video was such a fun challenge. We both love the way it turned out!

Check out the recipe by viewing our video above. We hope you enjoy our chocolate nice cream recipe!

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