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Wooden Spoon Cream

I love wooden spoons. They are such a handy kitchen tool, and they look great sitting in a ceramic crock on the counter. I use a gold ceramic planter from Anthropologie to hold mine. It looks so pretty that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use it for plants.

I bought the wooden spoons pictured when I was in Athens, Greece. It was a shop filled entirely with beautiful wooden spoons, plates, bowls…almost anything you could think of. In retrospect, I really wish I had bought more at that shop. I love the spoons for their looks, but more importantly, I’m attached to them because of the memories associated with them.

Wooden Spoon Conditioning Cream | Style & Spice

Even though I love them, they certainly get their fair share of abuse. Just look at that “before” photo – oops! A few trips though the dishwasher and once being left inside a hot wok has really taken a toll on them. Luckily, this wooden spoon conditioning cream makes them look brand new!

The materials needed are very minimal: coconut oil and beeswax. The ratio should be 4:1. In order to find out exactly how much of the mixture my tin could hold, I put my tin on my kitchen scale. I zeroed it out and then added water until it was full. It read exactly 1 ounce, so I measured the ingredients accordingly.

I purchased my tin at a thrift shop in Kansas City. I really like the color and how distressed it is. The only downside is that it is small, so the conditioning cream inside will be used up rather quickly. However, the positive of the size is that it will easily fit inside a drawer. Choose whatever works best for you, and just follow the 4:1 ratio.

Wooden Spoon Conditioning Cream | Style & Spice

Wooden Spoon Conditioning Cream



  1. Chop the beeswax into small pieces. The smaller the better, as it will melt faster.
  2. Place the beeswax and coconut oil in a small saucepan.
  3. Over low heat, stir the mixture until melted and combined. I used one of my wooden spoons and just rubbed the residual mixture into the spoon when I was done.
  4. Pour the mixture into your tin or container. Act quickly as the mixture sets up fast.
  5. Once the conditioning oil has hardened (it will have the texture of a lip balm), rub it on your wooden spoons, cutting boards and other wooden utensils.
  6. Allow the mixture to soak into the wood for 24 hours, and then buff it off with a clean cloth.

Wooden Spoon Conditioning Cream | Style & Spice

On a bit of a side note, if you’re looking for some absolutely amazing wooden spoons, be sure to check out Ariele Alasko’s shop. I follow her Instagram feed and she creates the most beautiful, sophisticated items. I’m just hoping and praying that I’ll be able to afford something of hers someday. It’s all gorgeous!

Wooden Spoon Conditioning Cream | Style & Spice

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I was not paid to endorse any of these products, and all opinions are entirely my own.

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